Sharpening Your Saw

“Preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you.” Stephen R. Covey

As a fan of the work of Covey, especially The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I was intrigued by a blog post I read by Principal Jessica Johnson regarding her summer plans to “sharpen the saw.”  While she looked forward to family time for  relaxation and rejuvenation, she also looked forward to sharpening her saw to continue her professional learning.  Just as Principal J did, I have created my own personal list of how I will sharpen my own saw this summer.

1. Spending some quality time with family and friends. (I am the proud parent of a 2014 high school graduate!)

2. Read the stack of books I pulled, purchased and/or set aside to read.  My list includes Wonder by R.J. Palacio. (Books keep me connected to kids!)

3. Attend relevant summer workshops and conferences, especially here at Region 13. (Summer Curriculum Council will be important with all of the updates, including curriculum & instruction, legal and TEA notifications as will be mental health training.)

4. Continue to learn and grow through technology. My passion includes 21st century teaching and learning.  My “sharpen the saw”  list includes catching up on educational apps and blogs, as well as exploring learning through Twitter and Udemy.  My “Bloglovin” app helps me keep track of all of the blogs I follow.

How will you sharpen your saw?


-Sonja Howard, Coordinator for Administrator Quality

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