What If…

This week was “Pop Up Week” here at Region 13.  “Pop Up Week” is an opportunity for staff from any department to select a topic and present that topic to staff.  Presentations are as long as 55 minutes but could be shorter.  Sessions have popped up all week, on so many levels and are self selected for attendance.  I personally appreciated the sessions on Twitter for Education, Google for Sharing and Collaboration and How to Make a 30 second IMovie.

While I have enjoyed every minute of this unique staff development on a personal and professional level in my current leadership role, I continue to see the value of this experience and wonder how as principal, I could have made this work at the campus level.

As principals we know that our teachers and staff come from varied backgrounds and have diverse experiences in their repertoire, but how do we tap into that for the good of learning for all?  Each year I included at least one day of teacher-led breakout sessions on topics important to my campus.  But how could I have taken that one step further by allowing time for those topics to actually be generated by the teachers?  Yes, that would have caused me to relinquish control for that period of time. But image how much more I would have learned about my staff by the topics they generated and chose to attend. Imagine the impact of those choices on them personally and on their practices professionally?

What if you had pop up week, day or even pop up faculty meeting PD on your campus?

-Sonja Howard, Coordinator for Administrator Quality

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