Leaders In Action

PCN Leaders In Action

Our Principal Certification Network mission is to prepare future leaders to meet the evolving challenges faced by schools of the new millennium through redefining educational leadership.  After participating in a 2 day event where current leaders presented research they conducted during their internship year helped to prove that we’d done just that.

Their presentations were simply amazing. 17 interns representing various school districts (Austin, Hutto, Del Valle, New Braunfels, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired) participated.  Each leader exhibited the confidence, courage and strength it took to take on a problem of practice and work at it in an effort to impact growth and change on their campuses.


  • “Attendance Matters” by Patricia Williams, M.Ed.
  • “Practical Writing: A Practical Tier II Intervention” by Bobby Leshikar, M.Ed.
  • “Terminology is Half the Victory” by Dr. LaKesha Whitfield
  • “From Engaging to Enduring: Making Online Learning Sticky” by Tiffany Leon-Guerrero, M.Ed.
  • “Think Through Math – Does It Measure Up?” by Chara Harris, M.Ed.
  • “Content, Curriculum, & Connections (CCC) – The Ideal Team: Teachers and Students Collaborating for a Successful Middle School Experience” by Augustine Chavez, M.Ed.
  • “Combining PBIS & Restorative Justice Practices to decrease discipline referrals in the 6th Grade” by Daniyel Dickey, M.Ed.
  • “Project Based Learning As Related To Success in the new Millennium” by Jodi Butler, M.Ed.
  • “Vocabulary Strategy for Young Children” by Jessica Dimas, M.Ed.
  • “A Visit from the Magical Experiences Arts Company” by Dr. Eden Hagelman
  • “Components of Successful Inclusion at Small Middle School” by Gretchen Kerhberg, M.S.
  • “Progress Monitoring vs. Monitoring Progress: How We Can Improve the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics Through Development of Our Common Language and Collective Understanding” by Machel Higgins, M.Ed.
  • “Saturday Campus Tutorial Program” by Jose Martinez, M.Ed.
  • “An Assessment of Plan4Learning” by Jay Martin, M.Ed.
  • “Pillow Elementary Eco-Action Team” by L.V. Finnegan, M.Ed.
  • “ Better Learning Through Better Behavior Using SEL strategies” by Dr. Beatriz Gutierrez
  • “Body, Mind, Wellness for a Better Life” by Natalie Ramos, M.Ed.

Congratulations to our principal interns for their work this year!  Thank you to our Principal Mentors who supported and guided this work!


-Sonja Howard, Coordinator for Administrator Quality

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  1. Tom Jaggard says:

    Were these titles supposed to be links to the presentations themselves?

    Is there a way for us to access them?


    Tom Jaggard
    Aransas County ISD

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