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Skills of an Effective Leader

I recently had a conversation with a veteran middle school principal about what he believes has lead to his success as a school principal. Of all the things he mentioned, one stood out to me. He shared that he keeps a poster up in his office of the most effective skills of a leader. He […]

Region 13’s Principal Certification Program Taking Applications

Region 13’s Principal Certification Program is looking for exceptional educators and campus teacher leaders who want to impact education and are interested in pursuing principal certification. The Principal Certification Network (PCN) at Region 13 provides a high quality certification program designed to prepare aspiring educational leaders for the Principalship through an alternative route. This program […]

Curriculum Council: Principal’s Edition

Campus Leaders, Here is the link to the summary of presentations from our January 7th Curriculum Council meeting. We hope that you find this wealth of information useful. We are also including a link to information regarding Curriculum Council meetings. Please feel free to share this information with colleagues. Prin_Ed_-_Jan_7__2016 Curriculum Council Meetings Information –CC_2015-2016_Meeting_Dates […]

Why Are You Talking?

There seems to be an unspoken rule in leadership. Somehow the leader is the one who does all the talking. Yet, as leaders, how do we foster the growth and development of others if we possess all the knowledge, all the answers and do all the talking? As a campus principal my mantra to my […]

Implementing Versus Planning

How often have you spent countless hours generating and brainstorming ideas? Or perhaps for you it has been creating lists of steps to make, actions to take or people to talk to. Or what about the meetings you’ve participated in with many bright and wonderful ideas generated as well? After those hours you feel accomplished […]