Implementing Versus Planning

How often have you spent countless hours generating and brainstorming ideas? Or perhaps for you it has been creating lists of steps to make, actions to take or people to talk to. Or what about the meetings you’ve participated in with many bright and wonderful ideas generated as well? After those hours you feel accomplished and productive. You’ve worked hard right?  As a leader I’ve found myself in this position many times! Yet, how many times have you come back later to find that those ideas were just that, ideas.

I read an article by Keith Web who described this state as “planning action”. While planning action is important and necessary, these actions don’t make the difference or butter the bread (pay the bills). Only and until planning moves to implementation does the rubber meet the road.

What great ideas are holding you back? How can you begin to move from planning to implementing?

-Sonja Howard-Coordinator for Administrator Quality

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