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What Are You Learning?

One of my favorite questions to ask students when I entered their classroom was, “What are you learning?”  As a campus principal, I believed this was one of the most important questions to ask. (My other favorite was, “What are you reading?” especially since I loved to connect with students through books. But that’s another […]

Community of Leaders

“We can talk or dream about the glorious schools of the future or we can create them.” –Marilyn Ferguson Some of the best times during my principalship was having the time to sit at the table with my principal colleagues and talk about the work.  We’d share ideas and resources, participate in book studies, explore […]

What Happens When…

What Happens When: someone does or says something that stops you frozen in your tracks? you are deeply moved to tears, indignation  and laughter all at the same time? everything you are most passionate about, believe in and stand for gets brought to the surface for all the world to see?  the call to action […]