Will Your Leadership Become Extinct?

I read a blog post from thoughtleaders that had me reflecting on the work that I do with leaders. The work of effective leadership is challenging and rewarding. Very often in this work we make the sacrifice to focus our attention on others: students, staff, teachers, teams, etc. It is so easy to forget about our own growth and development.  Then we have the factor of time.  There is never enough time to focus my attention on continuing to grow my skills as a leader.

Consider the novice administrator. They are proud to complete their programmatic learning and are ready to get started.  For those leaders I say: Yes, your program was long. Yes, it was intense. However, this was just a start. Leadership is a work in progress that takes action and practice. Don’t stop learning and growing now.

Consider the teacher leader. You see that you are making a difference on your campus with your teams and departments, yet you push to the back of your mind how you can continue to grow yourself and or take the next step in your leadership, whatever that may be.

Consider the veteran administrator who has been doing the work for a while. They have a strong commitment to support and develop others and often leave little time to invest in their own continuous improvement and growth as a leader.

So I ask: Where do you stand in your leadership development? How will you continue to grow? What is one thing you could do right now that could make all the difference?

Here’s are a few opportunities as you consider these questions:

-Sonja Howard, Coordinator for Statewide Leadership (Administrator Quality)

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