A Good Book

Last Friday night I attended the big football game for my area.  Everyone was hyped and the atmosphere was lively. I have to admit I, too, was excited for the first game of the season. However, instead of keeping my eye on the game I was mesmerized by a young student in front of me who was reading a book.

She sat up, legs criss-crossed and whipped out her book. Sitting behind her right shoulder I could see the corner of a smile. She was anxious to read. I watched her for the entire first half. She turned pages, leaned in, adjusted her seating and engaged with the book. I put myself in her shoes and thought about all of the books I’ve read and couldn’t put down, no matter where I had been reading them. Even my husband commented on how disciplined she must be to read like that at the noisy game. The educator and former reading teacher in me just smiled.

There is nothing quite like a good book!

-Sonja Howard, Coordinator for Statewide Leadership


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