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Beat The Heat Summer Conference

On June 21-22 Region 13 will host the 22nd Annual Beat the Heat Summer Conference.  Beat the Heat is one of the largest conferences in the state focusing on students, ages 3-12, with significant disabilities.  This conference is specifically tailored for supporting our students and is open to educators, para-educators, related services providers, transition specialists, child care workers, administrators […]

The Value of Student Questions

When young children want to know something they ask lots of questions. We’ve all had some experience with this right?  Recently, while spending some extended time with my family I had this experience with my 3-year-old niece. You can probably imagine our conversation.  It went something like this: Nella:  What are you making Auntie? (In her sweet, 3-year-old voice) Me: […]

The Value of Soft Skills for Students

More and more schools and school districts are engaging in dialogue around the benefits of soft skills for students amid the goals and expectations of high academic achievement. However, we know that colleges and employers expect more soft skills in conjunction with academic knowledge. They ask: Do you possess integrity? How well do you work […]

Remember the Small Moments

This morning I was touched by a story. Not by one I read but by one I had lived and written. It was the story of an incident I had preparing for Back to School Night a few years ago in the early days of my principalship.  The incident I had, in and of itself, […]

High Yield Strategies

I am such a fan of the work of Dr. Jim Knight. Yesterday, I saw a video clip of Dr. Knight discussing the topic of high yield strategies. I’ve seen this clip multiple times as a participant and trainer of Advancing Educational Leadership. I have read about this topic in his books: Unmistakable Impact: A […]

Master Reading Teacher Certification Program

The application process is open for Master Reading Teacher (MRT) certification training that will begin April 2016 and go through May 2017.  Attached is a brochure and a Q & A document to address questions about this program. View the website for additional detailed information about this course offering. We look forward to being […]

Student Learning…

As campus principal, nothing was more rewarding than listening to students talk about their work and learning.  Being able to hear their excitement and feel their passion was simply amazing and was what makes being an educator so special. Today I helped to judge the science fair at Pillow Elementary.  What an exciting display of student learning!  The […]

Curriculum Council: Superintendent Edition (May 1st)

Campus Leaders: Here is the link to the summary of presentations from our May 1st Curriculum Council meeting.  We hope that you find this wealth of information useful.  We are also including links to other resources and information regarding Curriculum Council meetings and a new resource called “Year in Review” to assist you in referencing meeting […]

More on Flipped Learning

In one of my previous blogs, I shared with you an article I read that talked about Flipped Professional Development and its use with teachers. As a campus leader that is a great option to consider as you work to provide staff development based on your teachers’ needs and desires.  In broaching this topic, I recognize […]

Curriculum Council: Superintendent Edition (April 10th)

Here is the link to the summary of presentations from our April 10th Curriculum Council meeting.  We hope that campus leaders find this wealth of information useful.  We are also including links to other resources and information regarding Curriculum Council meetings.  Please feel free to share this information with colleagues. Superintendent Edition – Supt Ed_Apr14 Curriculum Council Resources […]