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Will Your Leadership Become Extinct?

I read a blog post from thoughtleaders that had me reflecting on the work that I do with leaders. The work of effective leadership is challenging and rewarding. Very often in this work we make the sacrifice to focus our attention on others: students, staff, teachers, teams, etc. It is so easy to forget about […]

Beat The Heat Summer Conference

On June 21-22 Region 13 will host the 22nd Annual Beat the Heat Summer Conference.  Beat the Heat is one of the largest conferences in the state focusing on students, ages 3-12, with significant disabilities.  This conference is specifically tailored for supporting our students and is open to educators, para-educators, related services providers, transition specialists, child care workers, administrators […]

Turnaround Leadership Development Program Launch

Region 13 is proud to announce the launch of a new program geared toward preparing current and aspiring administrators for turnaround work in low-performing schools. The Turnaround Leadership Development Program (TLD) at Region 13 provides high-quality training, coaching and support to prepare leaders for work in turnaround schools. Benefits include: Individual Leadership Development Plan, Executive Leadership Coaching, […]

What Are You Learning?

One of my favorite questions to ask students when I entered their classroom was, “What are you learning?”  As a campus principal, I believed this was one of the most important questions to ask. (My other favorite was, “What are you reading?” especially since I loved to connect with students through books. But that’s another […]

Community of Leaders

“We can talk or dream about the glorious schools of the future or we can create them.” –Marilyn Ferguson Some of the best times during my principalship was having the time to sit at the table with my principal colleagues and talk about the work.  We’d share ideas and resources, participate in book studies, explore […]

Getting the Most Out of Goal-Setting

I consider the goal-setting/professional development process an amazing opportunity for school leaders with their teachers. Yes, I actually do mean this. This is the time for your teacher’s voice to shine through. What are her hopes and aspirations this year? What has he wanted to improve upon but just never could get started? What has […]


What happens when you put school leadership teams from across the region in one room? You get powerful learning, reflection, collaboration and planning.  That’s exactly what has happened at Region13’s Community of Leaders 2016 Leadership Symposium. From exploring the effectiveness of planning for change through courageous leadership,  leading and collaborating to deep levels of understanding […]

High Yield Strategies

I am such a fan of the work of Dr. Jim Knight. Yesterday, I saw a video clip of Dr. Knight discussing the topic of high yield strategies. I’ve seen this clip multiple times as a participant and trainer of Advancing Educational Leadership. I have read about this topic in his books: Unmistakable Impact: A […]

A Leader’s Reflection

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend the annual TASA Midwinter Conference. As always, I left those 3 days with so much rolling around in my head. We know in best practice that reflection is one of the best ways to increase learning.  So, here is a snapshot of my written reflection […]

Skills of an Effective Leader

I recently had a conversation with a veteran middle school principal about what he believes has lead to his success as a school principal. Of all the things he mentioned, one stood out to me. He shared that he keeps a poster up in his office of the most effective skills of a leader. He […]