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Take A Break…But Not From Learning

“Take A break from education, but not learning…” These were the words of Martha Saucedo, 2016 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year, in a recent post entitled, “Make The Most of Your Break”. She suggested that students make the most of their break by learning something new, having fun and giving back. I found Martha’s […]

What Happens When…

What Happens When: someone does or says something that stops you frozen in your tracks? you are deeply moved to tears, indignation  and laughter all at the same time? everything you are most passionate about, believe in and stand for gets brought to the surface for all the world to see?  the call to action […]

Why Are You Talking?

There seems to be an unspoken rule in leadership. Somehow the leader is the one who does all the talking. Yet, as leaders, how do we foster the growth and development of others if we possess all the knowledge, all the answers and do all the talking? As a campus principal my mantra to my […]

Implementing Versus Planning

How often have you spent countless hours generating and brainstorming ideas? Or perhaps for you it has been creating lists of steps to make, actions to take or people to talk to. Or what about the meetings you’ve participated in with many bright and wonderful ideas generated as well? After those hours you feel accomplished […]

Leaders In Action

Our Principal Certification Network mission is to prepare future leaders to meet the evolving challenges faced by schools of the new millennium through redefining educational leadership.  After participating in a 2 day event where current leaders presented research they conducted during their internship year helped to prove that we’d done just that. Their presentations were […]

Sharpening Your Saw

“Preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you.” Stephen R. Covey As a fan of the work of Covey, especially The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, I was intrigued by a blog post I read by Principal Jessica Johnson regarding her summer plans to “sharpen the saw.”  While she looked forward to family time for  relaxation […]

Good Leaders

Today was the graduation celebration for one of our Principal Certification Network Cohorts. The passion and drive of these leaders has been contagious!  As you might also have discovered, graduation tends to be a time of reflection and looking back on what has been accomplished and a time of thought for what the future might hold. In watching and participating today and […]