More information on APPs

There is an article in the ASHA Leader regarding apps and language learning that is directed towards SLPs, but those of us in the world of deaf education can benefit from this information as well.  The article offers a list of Droid Apps to use with students who have disabilities and then offers a variety of tables throughout with examples of dedicated apps that target goals of spoken language production (table 1), apps created to enhance receptive language abilities (table 2), apps developed as a type of Augmentative or Alternative Communication (table 3), provides examples of expressive and receptive uses of the app “Doodle Buddy” (table 4), apps that may be motivating for students(table 5), and how to use your photo library creatively to support language learning (table 6).  The article also provides links to other resources that review apps.  Finally, the article offers a friendly reminder that technology shouldnot use of a replace human interaction.  Here is the link to this article; Apps: An  Emerging Tool for SLPs .

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