Read Around the Planet

Working with elementary schools that are participating in Read Around the Planet this year has been a joy. Seeing these children take what they have learned during their reading project and presenting to their peers in another state has been a positive experience for all involved.

I wish to thank the Leander ISD technologists and teachers that took the time to call in and practice with their students before the actual conference. This is an excellent way to test camera placement, microphone levels and work with the students on their stage presence. Not to mention confidence building for the timid.

Should you have a student-to-student collaboration, especially with younger children, checking how they are heard from the far end perspective is always a good idea. Schools that do this beforehand make it easier for the far site to hear what is said. Besides, it also makes your students look really good. We are always available to assist your school if you would like to practice with someone.

From Ken

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