Sites to see: March

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is offering a few large events for video conferencing

  • Thursday, April 21st – The Adventures of Peter Rabbit
    Offered at 10:30 and 11:30 for grades K – 3
  • Tuesday, May 17th – El Vaquero
    Offered at 10:30 and Noon for grades 3rd – 8th

To register for The Adventures of Peter Rabbit , go to and for El Vaquero go to These are both set to broadcast to large audiences but your class can submit questions and will, hopefully, be chosen as one of the interactive sites.

Additionally, here are a couple of classrooms looking for partner sites through CapSpace (

Partnerships change regularly so check the site for new inquiries or post your own.

The NASA Digital Learning Network provides activities for before, during, and after the video conference. Did we mention NASA offers them free of charge? Currently there are still slots open for some of their most popular programs including “A View From the Top: Looking at Earth From Space”, “Apollo Revisited”, and “Mapping the Moon with WALL-E”. Check out their site and register for a time that works for you!

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