Are we there yet? Rambling thoughts on IVC

I remember seeing the demonstration video phones at the 1960s World’s Fair in New York.  (Yes, I am THAT old.)  There were basically two phone booths back to back and you could see the person in the other one on a small screen while talking  to them via a (wired) phone.  Today my grandchildren play with each other though 100 miles apart using wireless tablets or phones with a video conference app.

I have a video conference unit on my desk as many of my colleagues do but still people seem far happier to call, IM or email.   (I know I don’t have that airbrushed look when you call but am sure I still present an acceptable face. )  I’m sure that  this too shall change but how long will it take?  It’s been about 50 years since the World’s Fair and I know most of you have the capacity to video connect with anyone in our office right in the palm of your hand – on your smartphone or tablet.  So why not give it a try…call and see what we look like at  It’s time for the wizard to come out from behind the curtain!

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