NEW Elementary Collaborative Writing Matches


For one of the most memorable descriptive writing lessons that also builds listening skills, join another class via video conference for a Monster Match.  Before the match, each class draws monsters and then writes the most descriptive paragraph they can.  On the day of the match, each class takes a turn reading a paragraph while the other class’ members draw a monster from the description.  Then – the BIG REVEAL – the monsters are shown! The discussion then evaluates whether the description lacked some parts, needed better words or was right on target.   To see a Monster Match in action with commentary from a third grade teacher, watch the video on The Teaching Channel called “Monster Match: Using Art to Improve Writing”    Interested?  Sign up  at

JOIN a 3D Turkey Exchange Project on November 19 or 20    Carft turkey with ribbon feathers

Sign your class up at

Create a 3D Turkey using simple items only from the list below. Write a paragraph describing your turkey. BEFORE the scheduled video conference, email your description to your partner teacher. Let your partner class read your paragraph and build theturkey. During the video conference, connect to read your descriptive paragraph and reveal your 3D Turkey.
Choose from these items to build your turkey:
empty gallon jug, craft feathers, construction paper, googly eyes, felt, bulletin board paper, popsicle sticks, markers, beans, popcorn, yarn, play dough, pine cones, pine needles, leaves
Grades 2-5 have RELA TEKS for the development of vivid images for descriptive writing, for listening and speaking and for writing procedural texts.
Once you sign up, you will receive a partner teacher’s email with a date and time for your video conference.  You need a computer with a camera and mic.  A projector is helpful but not required.  A link for your conference will be sent to you along with the contact information.  If you want it recorded, you will be sent a link to the recording following the event.


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