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Looking for some quality programming that can add depth and understanding to learning in your classroom?  Check out the calendar at Distance Learning to find a program that meets your curriculum.

November 13 – Hawk Talk – Take an up-close look at a live Red-Tailed Hawk to discuss the various structures and functions of birds of prey (or hawks).

November 18 – First Encounters!–When the Conquistadors Met the Karankawa How did early American Indians encounter their environment, other tribes, and the Spanish conquistadors in the vast landscape that would become Texas? A Museum educator will lead students as they search for evidence from artifacts and explore stories that reveal the many meanings of “Encounters on the Land”. There may be multiple sites participating in this program.

November 18 – Let’s Talk Turkey – This interactive presentation introduces students to fun facts about one of our state’s most fabulous birds: THE WILD TURKEY! We will discuss turkey anatomy, habitat, adaptations, and basic needs, as well as the various “calls” or vocalizations that turkeys use to communicate in their environment. Students will listen to an assortment of calls and have the opportunity to take an up-close look at a real Wild Turkey.

November 19 – Gone to Texas Why did people move to Texas from other countries? Were they always welcomed when they arrived? A Museum educator will discuss the four primary waves of immigration to the United States through Texas from 1845-1924, the history behind the movement of people to Texas then and now, interesting stories from immigrants, and show artifacts that people brought with them on the journey. There may be multiple sites participating in this program.

November 20 – George Bush Presidential Library and Museum Education Department presents: A THANKSGIVING PARADE: THE HISTORICAL TAPESTRY OF GRATITUDE The program will provide a parade through history from the Puritans and Native Americans to modern times examining various traditions and stories related to the Thanksgiving holiday and the custom of giving thanks. Primary sources from the Bush Library and Museum will show examples of presidential and personal expressions of gratitude.

December 4 – Animal Skull Investigation – This interactive presentation allows students the opportunity to investigate skulls of native Texas animals.

December 16 – Urban Animal Encounters – Skunks and Armadillos – Meet the nine-banded armadillo and the striped skunk. Although their defense behaviors and adaptations are beneficial to them in their wild environment, these same behaviors do not fare well in urban habitats.

Find more programs and registration information on the calendar at ESC Region 13 Distance Learning.


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