FREE and WORTHWHILE Video Conferences for the Classroom

The old adage is that you get what you pay for so how good can a FREE video conference be?  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!                 1309725237_30b3d86a0c_m (1)

Start with NASA!

Providing quality programming for more than a decade, NASA engages students and pushes their thinking with these free programs: Our Planet Earth, Humans in Space,  Our Solar Neighborhood, Our Magnificent Sun, States of Matter, Toys in Space, Aeronautics, Rocketry, or Roving Mars. Find the descriptions and registration information on the DLN catalog page of NASA and get your class soaring through the universe.

 Move to the Smithsonian!

Visit the collections of all of the Smithsonian Institutes as never before…up close and personal.  Most of the museums have docents for online tours of their collections as well as special programming to build meaning for your students.  Check out the pieces in the National Museum of African Art, or find historical references in the collection of the American Art Museum,  then travel the grounds of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center with the help of a roving robot and finally check out the programs from all of the museums on the educator main page.

 Return to Texas!

The Connect2Texas website offers both fee based and FREE programs from zoos, aquariums, museums and cultural institutions across the state.  Check out their upcoming events calendar or the weekly In the News program for some of the best video conference programming on the web.

And, locally!

Always check the calendar of upcoming events from ESC Region 13.  We post all free events for both students and education staff on a regular schedule.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Contact the distance learning team at, call 512-919-5444 or drop by our virtual office.


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