Who needs to be sheltered instruction trained in secondary schools?

According to the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook, Sec. 6.10, “all teachers of ELLs are required to receive sheltered instruction training in order to linguistically accommodate instruction and provide comprehensible input for ELLs in class.”  In other words, if you have an ELL student in your classroom, you should receive training on sheltered strategies and types of accommodations to help these students access the content, in both the ESL pull-out and the content-based programs.

So what is sheltered instruction?

Sheltered instruction is a teaching method that infuses language acquisition strategies within content area instruction to make content comprehensible for ELL students while developing their academic language.  There are four main focuses within the sheltered instruction framework: building background, academic language, differentiated instruction, and interaction and assessment. This sheltered instruction video provides a great introduction to the teaching method.

What does Region 13 offer for sheltered instruction training?

Region 13 offers two different opportunities for you to get your sheltered instruction training.  There is a face-to-face training coming up on February 25th that is free and open to anyone wanting to learn how to make content comprehensible.  For those who need a more flexible option, we offer an online course that can be viewed at your leisure.  Sign up for the learning experience that suites your schedule on our Region 13 e-campus.

  • Face-to-Face:  Sheltered Instruction Training (SP 1428234)

Overview: Sheltered Instruction is an approach to teaching English language learners that combines language and content instruction to develop mastery of core content subjects while developing students’ language proficiency. This course will provide an overview of developing sheltered instruction lessons aligned to the English Language Proficiency Standards that develop students language skills in speaking, reading and writing.

  • Online:  Sheltered Instruction with the ELPS Toolkit (FA1326744)

Overview:  This online course consisting of five modules will orient educators to the ELPS Toolkit, designed to help teachers incorporate the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) when planning and delivering Sheltered Instruction for students who are English language learners. This class is designed for teachers of grades 3 – 12. Participants will need to have a copy of the ELPS Toolkit to participate in this training. Please access the following link to purchase: http://store.esc13.net/

Module 1: The ELPS and Differentiating Instruction

Module 2: Developing Academic Language

Module 3: Accessing Prior Knowledge and Building Vocabulary

Module 4: Student Interaction and the 5E Model

Module 5: Learning Strategies and Assessment

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