Estrellita Pre-K Building Blocks, Assessment and Progress Monitoring Training

This training is for Pre-Kindergarten teachers.The focus of the first half of the day of training is on the five building blocks of Estrellita which include: Sonidos Iniciales, Silabas, Palabras, Oraciones and Whole-to-Part-to-Whole (Cuentos). The training incorporates classroom techniques and provides tips on effective tools to illustrate each Building Block. This includes participant interaction, classroom techniques and modeling. The focus of the second half of the day will be on the implementation, assessment and timeline of the Estrellita program. This training incorporates the assessment piece and the implementation Checklist (fidelity list). Participants will be taught how to administer the Placement Test and how to utilize the Estrellita progress monitoring tools. This professional development will be conducted in conjunction with materials to ensure effective Estrellita implementation. Participants must bring their materials to the session. Click here to register.

Location: Region 20, San Antonio

Date: August 10, 2015 for 6 hours

To obtain the materials please contact Angelica Rivas at: Cell 720 418-1113

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