Fall 2015 ESL/Bilingual Workshops!

Happy First Day of Fall! As your school year is off and running, take a moment to peruse the diverse offering of engaging workshops that the Region 13’s Bilingual/ESL team is offering for teachers of ELLs.

Next Monday, we kick off our PD season with “Differentiating Instruction for English Language Learners”. October will provide you with opportunities to¬†attend sessions for those seeking ESL certification, as well as those looking to improve their instructional practices for Long Term ELLs, guided reading for bilingual classrooms, literacy strategies for content-area teachers of ELLs, and practical guides to using the ELPS and PLDS.

You can view details for each of these trainings at the link here.

See you this fall at Region 13!

Differentiating Instruction for ELLs: September 28, 2015

ESL Academy: October 7-9, 2015

Sheltered Instruction Boot Camp: October 12, 2015

Long Term ELL Training: October 14, 2015

ELL Writing to Learn in the Content Areas: October 21, 2015

Guided Instruction for the Bilingual Classroom: October 21, 2015

A Practical Guide to ELPS and PLDS: October 29, 2015


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