Seeking Equity in Student Outcomes Among Diverse Student Populations

Join us at Region 13 ESC for a unique one-time workshop with Dr. Joyce James to engage in new, bold, and courageous conversations that explore deeply rooted systemic factors that hinder student achievement and services. These discussions are necessary to move toward the development and implementation of effective interventions to reduce inequities based on race, poverty, student disabilities, exceptionality, twice exceptionality and improve outcomes for all populations.

The facilitators are skilled in creating a safe space for participants to discuss institutional and structural inequities in the historical and current context in a way that holds us accountable for “turning the mirror inward” to examine systemic rather than individual factors contributing to poor outcomes.


More specifically, the racial equity workshop will:

  • Help participants to develop a common language and understanding that increases the leadership team’s knowledge of barriers that interfere with equity among diverse populations (race, poverty, disability, gifted)
  • Engage participants in activities and facilitate dialog designed to increase awareness and elevate level of consciousness to begin to recognize the relationships that exist among various helping systems, and the often disparate outcomes produced for the same vulnerable populations
  • Increase understanding of the oppressive nature of systems using a power analysis to examine systems and their relationship to oppressed people and communities
  • Increase understanding of the importance of cross systems collaborations and being in partnerships with poor communities and communities of color to remove the barriers that contribute to racial inequities
  • Increase capacity of staff to have a common understanding and vision to implement strategies for sustainable improvement that benefit the target population and improves outcomes for all.

Workshop ID SU1635025
Date June 13, 2016
Time 9:00 am—4:00 pm
Fee $130

For complete information, please see here: Seeking Equity flyer


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