7 Great Resources for Parents of ELLs

Want to support your ELL students when they are away from the classroom? Promoting parental and community participation in ESL or Bilingual Programs for ELLs helps to ensure a rich learning environment at home.  Providing parents with resources like the ones below is a great way to help parents stay active in the education of their children:








As campus staff, here are some additional ways you can help build relationships with families:

1. Face to face meetings with parents of ELLs to discuss ways they can help their ELLs at home and school.

2. Help set up a parent center in your school stocked with resources to help and lend out to parents of ELLs.

3. Provide short workshops to parents of ELLs on various academic topics such as writing tips, homework tips, vocabulary tips, etc.

4. Work in collaboration with your community social service worker or guidance counselor to find learning opportunities such as ESL classes or parenting classes.

5. Work in collaboration with school ESL teacher or administrator to visit homes of ELLs.


-Contains excerpts from a Title III SSA release from ESC 17.


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