Presenter Preview with Ana Llamo -Chameleon Teaching for ELLs

CIMA 2017 is only 3 days away and participants can plan their schedules here! With so many great guest speakers and breakout sessions being offered we thought you might like a preview, so we asked our presenters a few quick questions to help guide you.

We’re going to continue our preview series with Ana Llamo -an education consultant with over 25 years of experience working with ELLs in the ESL, bilingual and migrant education arena. For most of her career, her efforts have been focused on assisting local education agencies (LEAs) with the curriculum and instruction of ELLs as well as the evaluation, management, coordination, and implementation of ESL and bilingual programs to meet state and federal compliance regulations. Here’s a little more about Ana and a quick look at her session.

Q: First things first, what’s your name?

A: Ana Llamo

Q: What’s the title of the session you’ll be facilitating at CIMA?

A:  It’s called “Chameleon Teaching for ELLs”

Q:  If you don’t mind, give us a quick preview of the content – what are you going to cover?

A:  We will discuss ELL strategies, language proficiency, ELPS and TELPAS

Q:  CIMA is for stakeholders in the Bilingual, ESL, and LOTE fields. Who is a good fit to attend your session?

A:  Teachers, Administrators, Central Office, Counselors

Q:  How will your session contribute to improving learning outcomes for language learners?

A:  Provide information regarding making changes and adjustments in instruction to increase the academic achievement of ELLs.


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