TELPAS TIPS with Maria Green

Last week Kelly Bertholf, District Testing Coordinator for Pflugerville ISD and Melissa Haney, District Testing Coordinator for Hutto ISD shared some ways they organize and plan their calendars to ensure a smooth TELPAS testing window.

Continuing our efforts to share out TELPAS TIPS with our blog readers, we sat down with Round Rock ISD Bilingual/ESL Director, Maria Green to discuss her district plan for TELPAS testing.

You can view the plan here.

DS: Maria, you were so kind to share the Round Rock ISD plan with the ELL EDvocate blog audience. Tell us a little about how you use this testing plan to support your campuses.

MG: Three years ago, our Bilingual/ESL Department collaborated with our Assessment Department to formulate a standardized process for our 50 plus campuses. The TELPAS plan is intended to ensure all campus testing coordinators have an understanding of the Spring testing process.

DS: In Section IV, you discuss the importance of adhering to FERPA guidelines. Tell me more about the division of the duties you outlined here.

MG: This statement is intended to make sure all stakeholders understand the TELPAS assessment is State mandated and should be held in the same regard as the STAAR assessment. Additionally, the statement reminds campus staff to keep TELPAS documents secure and discussions regarding students should be limited to the rating process.

DS: With the Listening and Speaking assessments taking place on the computer this year, you included some extra attention to Technology in Section V. What challenges (if any) do you anticipate with these changes?

MG: We are hoping that we do not experience any challenges. Our Assessment Department has purchased headphones for each campus based on the number of ELs. The campus testing coordinator is responsible for working with their Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) to ensure all the devices are ready for the online assessment.

DS: You created a responsibility/role for collecting those writing samples of students who may be missing the necessary pieces in their folder. Ensuring that collections are complete can be a challenge. What plans have you seen used effectively on your campuses?

MG: Our department staff members schedule TELPAS Writing Collection reviews for campuses. During these reviews, we randomly select student folders to ensure the required number and types of writing samples are evident. This is done prior to the final student data entered into the TAMS system.

DS: Any other tips or thoughts you might like to share? 

MG: Collaborating with key stakeholders in your District is a must to ensure a smooth TELPAS assessment process.


More TELPAS TIPS are on the way…

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