Conscious Discipline – Building Resilient Classrooms

Quick shout out for a great PD opportunity this summer – it’s the Conscious Discipline 3-day Summer Institute -read on for more…

Healthy relational interactions are key to raising children who are able to manage stress and bounce back even when faced with adversity.  Interactions that build resilience can be challenging, especially if we are working with children who are resisting connection and exhibit aggressive and uncooperative behaviors.

Conscious Discipline offers an effective approach to connecting with all children, especially those who are hurting the most.  This interactive session will empower you with ways to calm the stress-response system for you and the child so that healthy relationships can be formed.

Participants will have the privilege of engaging with a Conscious Discipline speaker focused specifically on the 3-7 year olds in their early childhood classrooms.

Target audience is Pre-K teachers or staff that works with for 3 and 4 year olds, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade. Other audiences are welcome to attend but know that videos might showcase examples of the younger grades but concepts covered are applicable for all ages.

Interested in learning more? Visit Region 13’s eCampus page for registration information.


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