Is Your Vocabulary Instruction Lit?

Understanding slang words and their academic synonyms is an essential language skills for EL language development. Here’s a great activity from Sharroky Hollie, Ph.D. for the Summer of Strategies blog series over at Teacher Created Materials.

I often joke that one of the ways I realize I am getting older is that when I hear younger people use slang, I cringe. The cringe is not so much about them using slang but more about me not knowing what has been said. There is probably no greater separator of generational differences than the use of slang. Likewise being able to validate and affirm the current generation’s use of slang is a great way to relate and connect with them. Unfortunately, many of us mistakenly see slang as completely representative of what a nonstandard language is, rather than recognizing that slang is simply part of the vocabulary of any language. In general, vocabulary or semantics….read more here.


This article appears in the Teacher Created Materials blog.

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