CIMA Presenter Preview: Daniel Schaetz

CIMA 2018 is only 7 days away and participants can start planning their schedules. With so many great guest speakers and breakout sessions being offered we thought you might like a preview, so we asked our presenters a few quick questions to help guide you.

Today we continue our series with Daniel Schaetz, a Bilingual/ESL Specialist. He brings to CIMA a passion for English learners, in particular those belonging to Newcomer populations. Here’s a little more about Daniel and his session:

Daniel, what is the title of your breakout session? 
What Newcomer ELs Want You To Know
Give us a quick preview of the content – what are you going to cover? 
After presenting at last year’s CIMA conference with a panel of former students, I received feedback that suggested the student voices were appreciated by participants. Consequently, this year I have decided to devote more session time to those former students, focusing on their stories and experiences as Newcomer English Learners.
This year the call for presenters at CIMA is specifically open to stakeholders in the Bilingual and ESL field. Who is a good fit to attend your session?
 ESL Teachers in Middle and Secondary Schools, Administrators, Instructional Coaches,  Family and Community members
How will your session contribute to improving learning outcomes for language learners? 
My hope is that participants will walk away with some perspective about the strategies we use when working with Newcomer ELs. I’m honored that some of my former students are giving their time to this session. They have some great stories to share about the Newcomer experience including: navigating a conversation in English as a beginner, getting to and from school, the classroom environment, social norms, American culture, and maybe most importantly, the teachers they most connected with and why.
What else would you like for participants to know about your session? 
I’m planning to have some time for the former student panel to have a Q&A with participants.
As a presenter, you get to attend CIMA, too. What excites you about the conference? 
I’m the most excited about our keynote speakers! I’m really looking forward to hearing from Dr. Jose Medina and Dr. Luis Urrieta.

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