CIMA Presenter Preview: David Lopez

CIMA 2018 is only 5 days away. With so many great guest speakers and breakout sessions being offered we thought you might like a preview, so we asked our presenters a few quick questions to help you plan your conference.

Today we continue our series with David Lopez, an Assistant Principal in Del Valle ISD. Here’s a little more about David and his session:

David, what is the title of your breakout session? 
Working with at risk students with the use of Mentors
Give us a quick preview of the content – what are you going to cover? 
I will be explaining the importance of Mentors in schools. The academic and behavior success rate will positively rise with having mentors on your campus. I will have the UT Project MALES mentors with me at the presentation to assist with various questions. MALES works with Latino students beginning in the 7th grade and following the students up to high school. MALES encourages academic excellence, college readiness, identity, and health.
This year the call for presenters at CIMA is specifically open to stakeholders in the Bilingual and ESL field. Who is a good fit to attend your session?
Administrators, Counselors, Instructional Coaches, Middle School and High School Teachers, Lead teachers and Administrative Interns
How will your session contribute to improving learning outcomes for language learners? 
These are college mentors who speak common language and have similar backgrounds and work with ESL students. These university students show the younger middle/high school students that going to college is attainable.
What else would you like for participants to know about your session? 
The schools have to do a little work in recruiting mentors that are a good fit for their campus. There are many programs available for our students
As a presenter, you get to attend CIMA, too. What excites you about the conference? 
Working with Bilingual and ESL students has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy looking for ways to improve myself to better help students.

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