CIMA Presenter Preview: Leticia Ortiz

CIMA 2018 is only 5 days away. With so many great guest speakers and breakout sessions being offered we thought you might like a preview, so we asked our presenters a few quick questions to help you plan your conference.

Today we continue our series with Leticia Ortiz, an Education Consultant with Cengage/National Geographic. Here’s a little more about Leti and her session:

Leti, what is the title of your breakout session? 
Alegría con Canciones y Cuentos y Poesía
Give us a quick preview of the content – what are you going to cover? 
How to use songs, stories, and informational texts to build foundational reading skills, develop fluency and increase knowledge in core content subject areas. Explore family heritage, tradition, language and culture through poetry.
This year the call for presenters at CIMA is specifically open to stakeholders in the Bilingual and ESL field. Who is a good fit to attend your session?
Bilingual and ESL Teachers
How will your session contribute to improving learning outcomes for language learners? 
Language and communication are both instrumental in increasing students’ opportunities in the classroom today and as leaders tomorrow. By carefully crafting opportunities for students to practice language – through engaging topics, music, poetry, and nonfiction texts, students are encouraged to use their background knowledge to expand their vocabulary and content learning in a meaningful way. Connecting their reading to their writing (and writing to reading) allows students to come full circle and share what they have learned.
What else would you like for participants to know about your session? 
Building foundational skills is a critical piece of a student’s learning base. Infusing learning with memorable and engaging content – whether through storytelling, non-fiction texts, songs, and/or poetry gives students the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of mediums as they develop reading skills and dig deeper into content areas.
As a presenter, you get to attend CIMA, too. What excites you about the conference? 
Learning is a life-long pursuit. The energy and expertise at a forum that embraces and cultivates multilingual education is an energizing experience that excites me to learn more.

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