CIMA Presenter Preview: Lydia Torres

CIMA 2018 begins tomorrow, October 2nd. With so many great guest speakers and breakout sessions being offered we thought you might like a preview, so we asked our presenters a few quick questions to help you plan your conference.

Today we continue our series with Lydia Torres, a Bilingual Curriculum and Instruction Specialist. Here’s a little more about Lydia and her session:

Lydia, what is the title of your breakout session? 
The cognitive process through a Biliteracy lens
Give us a quick preview of the content – what are you going to cover? 
Participants in this session will explore the cognitive process within a bilingualism realm through a biliteracy approach while understanding the cognitive and language developmental process.
This year the call for presenters at CIMA is specifically open to stakeholders in the Bilingual and ESL field. Who is a good fit to attend your session?
Bilingual Teachers, Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Elementary Teachers, and Family and/or Community Members
How will your session contribute to improving learning outcomes for language learners? 
The outcome of this session contributes to the understanding of how language and cognitive development corresponds together while formulating into a literacy component skill.
What else would you like for participants to know about your session? 
This session also includes a review of the formation of a Biliteracy component.
As a presenter, you get to attend CIMA, too. What excites you about the conference? 
This opportunity offers both a learning and a networking experience towards benefiting my life long learner personality.

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