Using dual language story books to foster biliteracy

The EAL Journal blog publishes plain language summaries of EAL-related Master’s and Doctoral research. In this post Dominika Gordon, EAL teacher at Eaton Square School in Kensington, London presents a summary of her Master’s research on using bilingual books as a way to foster biliteracy among bilingual pupils.

Using a bilingual version of a story called ‘Not Again, Little Red Riding Hood’, participants took part in a series of lessons that explored the use of the two languages in the book.

As well as read aloud sessions, the children created language portfolios. These included creating a Venn diagram and sound chart to explore similarities and differences between the grapheme/phoneme relationships in both languages, translating activities, such as matching two set of cards with sentences taken from the book, and comparisons of vocabulary to facilitate discussions about meaning in both languages. In addition, they identified and compared reading strategies that they could use in English and Polish. The reading sessions were audio recorded and observed by the teacher.

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