Join us on May 23 for Distinguished Speaker Dr. Luis Urrieta -Familia and Comunidad-based Saberes


This workshop will explore how cultural communities, especially of Latina/o/x ancestry, construct meaning around such concepts as familia and comunidad, especially how knowledge and learning is produced in these contexts. Familia and comunidad-based saberes, in this workshop refers to complex “knowings” or “understandings” of the world, tied to familia and comunidad knowledge(s), but also encompassing larger social, natural, and spiritual well-being. The goal of the workshop is to help educators understand how familia and comunidad must be understood as verbs in schools and in classroom life in order to better leverage the cultural and linguistic knowledge possessed by minoritized communities and form authentic relationships with their families and communities.


What: Distinguished Speaker Dr. Luis Urrieta: Familia and Comunidad-based Saberes: Understanding and challenging school/community binaries (SP1939335)

Who: All who serve Bilingual/ESL

When: May 23, 2019  9 a.m. – 4 p.m


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