About the Bilingual/ESL Team at ESC 13…

Thank you for visiting the ESC 13 Bilingual/ESL blog page! The purpose of our blog is to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information pertaining to the instruction of English learners (ELs).

The Bilingual/ESL team believes that all students deserve equitable opportunities to improve language skills. Our mission is to support districts and charter schools in their efforts to ensure that all ELs acquire a second language at a level that enables them to be successful in life and in school. We work diligently to meet this goal by creating cultures of collaboration, facilitating reflective practices among educators, raising multicultural awareness in schools, and supporting teachers in their instructional practices.

Our hope is that you will visit our site regularly and leave with ideas, strategies, and renewed confidence to support you and your work with ELs.


“EL que sabe dos vale por dos”

“It’s twice as good to know twice as much”