More than 1 million ELLs…

…attend Texas Public Schools Pre-K through Grade 12 according to a profile created by E3 Alliance, a regional education collaborative.  In the 2016-17 school year, 90% of ELLs in Texas spoke Spanish as their first language. The other 100,000+ claimed more than 130 additional languages as their L1.

Central Texas as defined by E3, proudly serves more than 1/3 of ELLs in Texas, a growing reminder of our responsibility in public schools. To best serve a next generation of ELL learners, we must as educators keep one finger on the pulse of current data and another in the wind for the latest professional development. To become more familiar with our ELL population, check out the numbers at


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Build Meaningful Structured Reading Into Your Content Area Now

ReadWorks created “Article-A-Day” to help teachers connect content to best practice reading activities. These texts are categorized not only by content area, but by grade level, making differentiation easy.  Subscribe and use these daily articles in your existing reading activity OR try their step-by-step activity here. The exercise is quick, and features opportunities for students to listen, speak and write about their learning, putting all four language domains to work.

See the full site and “Article-A-Day” activity  here.

Image credit from this post goes to ReadWorks.

Interested in learning how to better serve the language learners on your campus/district? Check out our Conference on Instruction for Multilingual Advancement Conference

Resources for Supporting ELL Students Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Many districts in our area have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. The following excerpt and links can help districts trying to navigate next steps in serving incoming ELLs who have been displaced.

The following excerpt comes from a TEA news release:

“Reminder for Students who are English Language Learners (ELL’s): When enrolling English learners with incomplete or missing records, districts should use whatever information is available to them, including parent and student interviews etc., to ensure that program placement is as consistent as possible with what was being provided in the student’s previous district.”

See the full TEA news release here.

For further reading on supporting students facing trauma from natural disasters, click here.

Immigrant population of Houston(third-largest nationally) in the news.

Want more information on supporting ELLs in our area? The Conference on Instruction for Multilingual Advancement takes place on November 6 & 7. Find out more here.