Writing Supports for English Language Learners

Learning effective writing techniques are among the most challenging academic skills students face. How then do teachers prepare English Language Learners, who are already faced with language challenges, for this formidable task? The key lies in structuring writing assignments in such a way that students acquire necessary academic language while simultaneously building deeper understanding of the concepts surrounding the given writing prompt. In simple terms, teachers scaffold.

Teaching Argument Writing to ELLs” models persuasive argument lessons geared for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level ELLs, including appropriate language scaffolds for each level. The article also addresses some do’s and don’ts in regard to close reading, argument, vocabulary, and grammar for English Language Learners.


Ferlazzo, Larry, and Katie Hull-Sypnieski. “Teaching Argument Writing to ELLs.” Educational Leadership 71.7 (2014): 46-52.

Bilingual/ESL Directors Meeting on Sept. 10th

Did you miss the Bilingual/ESL Directors Meeting?

Here is a link to view what you missed:


This link will be available until the end of the day on Friday, September 12th.


The Texas Education Agency has created a video in English and in Spanish to provide a quick overview of the State of Texas Accountability System and what goes into the annual ratings of schools, districts and charters. Theses videos can assist school districts in explaining how school districts receive their ratings and a great resource for parent meetings.

 We would like to say goodbye to Monica Gonzalez and Tonia Miller. They both have set out on a new journey outside of Region 13 Education Service Center.



If you need assistant, you can contact Trish Flores, Allison Hand, Ivonne Santiago, Nancy Sanchez, Tina Fields or Tracy Dennis.

ESL Certification Preparation Courses

    Get Your ESL Certification


ESL Academy is a three-day workshop that provides a foundation on language acquisition and explores best practices in ESL instruction while preparing participants for the TExES Exam #154: English as a Second Language Supplemental. There are four offerings:

 Oct. 8th – 10th Feb. 25th – 27th  June 17th – 19th  July 22nd – 24th 
 FA1429263  SP1529264  SU1529266  SU1529267


ESL Supplemental #154 TExES Review is a one-day workshop that will help to prepare for the TExES Exam by reviewing key concepts aligned to TExES test frameworks. Participants also take an on-site, test-secured TExES practice test. However, it is highly recommended that participants attend an ESL Academy before taking this class. There are four offerings:

 Sept. 20th Jan. 17th May 2nd July 18th 
 FA1429271  SP1529272  SP1529273  SU1529274

Bilingual Director Meetings 2014-2015

 Mark Your Calendar


Here are the dates for the 2014-2015 Bilingual Director Meetings:

  Sept. 10th   Nov. 12th   Feb. 11th   Apr. 8th    
face-to-face          FA1428944  FA1428946  SP1528948  SU1528951
distance learning   FA1428945  FA1428947  SP1528949  SU1528952