Need to simplify a text? Want to help students access reading material online?

Check out the website!  The website will scan a piece of text and simplify the more difficult language to improve a student’s access to the content.  You can choose from several different levels and ways you would like it to be viewed by a student.

It works with…

  • Original texts
  • Classic Literature (links already provided)
  • Websites

Materials can be…

  • Printed out at various levels
  • Links to simplified texts can be shared
  • Teach students to use it to read websites of their choice
  • Creates vocabulary lists, quizzes, flashcards, cloze activities, and more!

It’s free!  No username or password needed.  The teacher page is full of ideas and information.

Academic Conversations for Diverse Learners: The First Steps

We use language to represent our thinking and, in turn, the act of producing language, through speaking or writing, itself helps us both process and retain information. Given this, it seems natural we would want classrooms to be filled with talking students since we want them to be thinking about the content we are teaching (Fisher et al. 2008).

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