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STAAR Resources

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

STAAR Resources

As you begin the 2011-2012 school year it is important to learn how the new assessment system – the State of Texas Assessments for Academic Readiness or STAAR – will impact the students in your classroom. While we are still waiting on some information we do know enough to get started in our instructional planning.

STAAR will assess students in the same grade levels and content areas as TAKS: Grades 3-8. At the high school level there will be 12 new End-Of-Couse (EOC) assessments. Beginning with entering 9th grade students in 2011, students must pass the STAAR EOCs in order to graduate.

STAAR will be a more rigorous assessment. A few things to note:

  • More items
  • Higher level of cognitive reasoning
  • Shift from graduation from high school to college and career success
  • Focus on fewer standards at a deeper level

One area of assistance that ESC Region XIII is providing is the STAAR Website ( On this website you will find overview information relating to STAAR, links to TEA documents, content area information, and parent information.

As we begin to plan for instruction for 2011-2012 it will be important to study the assessment blueprints developed by TEA to understand the changes in assessment development. To assist with the study of readiness and supporting standards please consider utilizing the following resources:

There are many more resources on this site with more to be developed as we have access to further information. As you begin discussing STAAR with parents and students feel free to use the parent brochure and frequently asked questions at

While major changes in the assessment system are taking place, knowing your TEKS ( and how they will be assessed will assist you in planning the quality instruction that will ensure student success in the current grade level and beyond.