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A New Look @ Old Books

While researching a project I am working on about technology and teaching literacy, I came across something you will want to check out.

First – the key questions: Do you read digital books and magazines? Do you read paper based books and magazines?

If you are like me, I like the convenience of quickly accessing and “scan reading” digital print. I even like a good audio book. But, I still find it hard to replace the look and feel of pages in my hand. The resource I highlight here cannot replace the feel of paper, but it seeks to give you the look of the book.

Issuu.com tags itself as inviting you to

“Explore a world of publications by people and publishers alike. Collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your documents look their very best.”

At Issuu, you can search for and read a massive collection of publications. The Flash interface makes you feel like you are turning pages.

More importantly, you can PUBLISH your own works here! This is free, but you can pay for a pro version for extra features.

Even more, there is an Issuu app for the smart phone in you pocket.


Warnings first: This is not an education site and there is questionable content. You can still use this resource.

Strategy: Publications can be e-mailed (link), printed (selected parts), and embedded. To share a resource with students, us the Embed option to embed the publication in your teacher web site, blog or other.

Example: With the World Cup now upon us, many students have questions about Africa. I did a quick search for Africa and found a great resource which I will embed for you here:


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