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Creating Shared Book Collections Has Never Been Easier

Last week I wrote about Issuu.com, an amazing way to interact with printed text on your digital screen.  This week, I think it appropriate, to continue the theme of literacy online.  As an educator with access to computers I am at a crossroads when it comes to providing my students with access to reading materials.  As an administrator, I am challenged to promote book studies and reading lists to promote professional growth.  As a librarian, I battle with shrinking book budgets and dwindling student interest in resources that are not interactive. 

The tool:  Google Books http://books.google.com/

Google Books is a project under which Google is digitizing main stream and public domain books and magazines.  You may not always be able to read or download entire books, but the endless titles and seemingly endless flexibility for searching, “shelving” and sharing publications makes this an excellent tool for schools.

The tip: Build and share Bookshelves and build your own book collection.

With Google Books, you can build a “Book Shelf”, give it a name, and share it. 

Sharing a book shelf is a powerful way to organize books and magazines for yourself and others.  A school can build an entire professional library and make it available on the school website.  Much of the reading material can be read online, and comments can be added to the others on where to access the printed material in the campus library.

Librarians and teachers can created book shelves and share them on their web sites as either recommended or required reading for students.  Comments can be added for further instructions.

Students can create and share book shelves as part of their personal learning portfolio.  Of course, they need to be old enough to manage a Google account.

Here is one of my book shelves.  Take a look at the books and do some reading.  http://bit.ly/a45tRM

Happy Trails

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