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Project Share Update 4 – Online High School Course Offering in Project Share: Earth To Space

 (Online High School Course)

First, thank you for the huge response and for those who registered for this blog.  This update addresses the first fully online course available for your students in the Project Share / Epsilen environment.  As the time approaches for schools to start creating student accounts (option opens this month), you may want to consider this course opportunity for your high school students.


  • Aligns to Earth and Space 112.26
  • Free access to Senior Year full year Science online course is available
  • Available for students in August 2011
  • Provided by a NASA grant

So, what do you need to do?…

1. Districts receive free copies of the course to run in Project Share for each teacher who attends professional development.

2. Contact

They oversee this part of the project and can answer your questions.

3. As always, be sure your district leadership knows this option exists.  It will take some pre-planning and thinking, so don’t delay on getting started. 

Happy Trails


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