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This Just In: Additional Details about the Earth to Space Online Course in Project Share

Everyone, in yesterday’s post, I highlighted the first course for students being made available via Project Share.  Hopefully you took this information directly to the Science leadership in your district.

Today I was provided with some additional details.  Many thanks to our secondary Science Specialist, Jennifer Jordan-Kaszuba (http://www.epsilen.com/JenniferJor ) for making these inquiries:

  • The course is a self-based course.  It is best used for a classroom online course since it includes discussions, wikis, and group activities.  However, a student could complete the activities individually if needed.


  • Can students complete the course in less than one full school year?  Yes.


  • How much teacher facilitation is required? A teacher needs to grade the discussions, wikis, uploaded documents, etc.  There are also quizzes at the end of each lesson that are automatically graded.


  • How do students complete the lab requirements associated with ESS?  Labs are planned within the course.  If the student is at home, he/she would complete the labs there.  We have planned them to require materials that normally could be found at home.


  • Is the course synchronous or asynchronous?  It is 95% asynchronous, but does include some synchronous/chat discussions.


  • Are there print materials required of the student?  No, the course provides all the materials.


Remember this course is a for high school credit.  To gain access, teachers must attend a professional development.  The window to do this closes this coming July.

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