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Student Accounts in Project Share: It’s Time!

As promised, this week TEA opened the Epsilen tools in the Project Share initiative for student enrollment.    We received some supporting information at the Service Centers to help with question and answers, but the recent “To the Administrator Addressed” (TAA) letter that was sent directly to school district leaders has the best explanation of this important next step.



Access and share the letter here http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/taa/stanprog051211.html

In general, if your district wants to proceed with creating student accounts this spring, your local Project Share contact will need to send a brief email to the Project Share mailbox at projectshare@tea.state.tx.us that includes contact information for district personnel who will oversee the student account creation process.  If you are not responsible for accounts or administration of Project Share, please DON’T send an e-mail on behalf of your district.  Rather, make sure that the right person knows about this and takes care of it. Project Share staff will then work with the district contact to provide further information and instructions.

One other important item in the TAA:  TEA included a nifty little student guide book to go along with this phase.  It is accessed in English or Spanish at http://www.projectsharetexas.org.

I was pleased with the document they sent to the ESC’s explaining the permissions and protections for students in the system.  They took great care with the “Student” account type to make certain our students’ information is protected, while still allowing for student collaboration at the district level.

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