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Do You Use Rubrics? Find Them, Make Them, Share Them in Project Share

Did you know that Project Share/Epsilen includes tools to support the creation and sharing of rubrics?  Just log into Epsilen and click on the Rubrics option in the left navigation.

😛 From the Epsilen Help Text

“Under My Rubrics, you may create as many Rubrics as you wish and use them in any Epsilen course Lessons or Epsilen Learning Matrix Templates that you create. You also control who has access to view and/or bookmark your Rubric by sharing it with no one, with specific certified faculty members, with members of your institution only, or with all Epsilen members. To create a new Rubric, click Create Rubric.

You may search for rubrics created by other Epsilen members by clicking Search Rubrics. If you are interested in another member’s rubric, you may bookmark it, and it will be listed with your Bookmarked Rubrics. You may also copy a rubric to your own library of rubrics and edit/modify it to make it your own.”

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