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State-Wide Collaborative Group in Project Share

I wanted to bring to your attention a Group in Project Share that may interest many of you. It is called “Project Share Collaborative”. The group is organized by Epsilen’s Paula Murray.

She states: “This is a collaborative group for Texas educators to share documents, ideas, brainstorm, ask questions, problem-solve, and more – all about Project Share. How is your district using Project Share? Is your district creating collaborative groups for grade levels, departments, libraries, administrators, professional learning, students? Are you creating courses for your students or teachers? Let’s share!!”
To join the group visit http://www.epsilen.com/grp/1111206 and click Join Group (then log in)

You will find helpful documents for teachers and project administrators alike have already been added. More importantly, it is a home for you to contribute (put the Share in Project Share) items of interest to your peers across Texas.

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