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Project Share Groups – Quick and Helpful Tip for Sharing Links

I was asked today about the best way to share a link to a website in Groups in Epsilen/Project Share.  Try these strategies to make sharing links with your Groups.

First, you have several options.

When you want to share a link that is just a quick “hey, check out this link”, then just create a new announcement and put it there.

If it is part of a specific section of work for that group then it is appropriate to create a forum or wiki for that work and make it part of that content.

If the link is of major importance and needs to be prominently placed and accessible to group members all the time, then add it as a custom menu item: Click Custom Tools > Add Custom Tool > fill in the form and select the Point to a Web Site option.  It will now be a button on the regular navigation.

Lastly, let’s say that as a group, you have a link you want to share with the rest of the public world. Choose Group Website > QuickLinks and add it to the quicklinks popout box for that groups public page. You find the URL for that page along the top of the groups once you click into it.

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