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Changes to the Epsilen User Interface


Changes to the Epsilen User Interface

Hello everyone.  If you have not already noticed, there have been some significant changes to the interface (buttons, knobs and switches) in Project Share/Epsilen.  It appears at first that there are fewer options, but in fact, they simply nested the options into categories.  Other important changes are not so evident, but are important to understand.  To help us all get up to speed, Epsilen released this video http://www.screencast.com/t/sN6t5e4Ga40P  (which is also available from the Epsilen News block on your My Portal home screen when you log in).  It is 1 minute, 47 seconds long and worth watching on your next break.

I was also informed that they made improvements to the reliability and speed for uploading files and fixed delays in the processing of Adaptive Release rules within courses that use this feature.

You will also find that there is now drop down boxes in courses and groups that help you better filter the long lists of things you are participating in.  My favorite new tweak: the last group or course I visit now appears at the top of the list the next time I visit Groups or Courses!

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