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QikPad – Free and Easy Co-Authoring



This tool is just too cool not to blog about.  It has all the things I like about instructional technology: free, easy, no accounts required, collaborative, sharable, save-able, embeddable, and has almost no learning curve.

According to the site,

“What is QikPad?  QikPad is a free online collaboration tool. Multiple users can instantly see text updates, character by character. Work together on documents, projects or code in real-time. One-click pad creation with no sign-up required.”

How does it work? 

  1. Go to http://qikpad.co.uk/ and click the big “New QikPad” button.
  2. Share the URL that it creates with anyone.  You can also share the last part of the URL (after the /p/….) which is the page name
  3. Your students or co-authors open a browser and put in that URL, or they can visit http://qikpad.co.uk/ and type in the page name
  4. Now everyone can type and edit at the same time! 
  5. To differentiate between authors, each person can click the small person icon in the upper right corner and select a custom color to highlight their writing and add their name.

Even more!

  1. If you keep up a blog, a Project Share portfolio, a Moodle or any other website, you can embed the pad right into the page for full integration.
  2. Users can also use the built in Chat button (bottom) to have conversations while co-authoring.
  3. When writing is finished, authors can click a button to create a “read only” link to share with readers (who cannot make changes). 
  4. That same button creates a QR Code for sharing with smart phone users.
  5. And, finally, click the clock icon to get a custom URL to share with anyone that will play back a recorded version (no audio) of the drafting process.  They can watch the edits being made as if they were in real time.

Use QikPad to get your students collaborating and brainstorming on writing.  Encourage them to continue teamwork outside of class.  Use it to plan and draft with fellow educators from the comfort of your desk (or couch).

🙂 This tool supports the new Texas Technology Applications TEKS  strands for K-12:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making
  • Digital citizenship


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