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Unblocking YouTube with “YouTube for Schools”

Hello Technology and Library Leaders,

Is YouTube blocked for students and/or teachers at your school?

Bits and pieces of information have been shared concerning participating in YouTube for Schools.  I wanted to share this link with you for your consideration.


😎  Short Description of YouTube for Schools:

YouTube for Schools provides educators with an opportunity to use the many educational materials within YouTube while limiting students’ access to some YouTube videos and functions. Students at districts participating in YouTube for Schools can access video playlists vetted for educational use. A participating district may also create a YouTube playlist to allow students access to materials identified by local schools. Students using YouTube for Schools do not see advertisements, suggested or related videos, comments, or videos that have not been approved. Students cannot play other videos, comment on videos, or login to personal YouTube accounts. Project Share has developed one of the first YouTube for Schools playlists for K-12 schools, allowing Texas school districts to provide educators and students with access to the videos used in Project Share courses, while managing students’ access to other YouTube materials.”



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