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Smart History – Multimedia Textbook for Art and History


Please pardon me if I geek out a little in this post, but I was notified of a resource that combines three great educational passions of mine and I simply must share.  Those three passions are:

  • Art
  • History
  • Kahn Academy

artI was an Art Major and I taught History.  I also find the Kahn Academy resources to be increasingly awesome.  So you can understand why discovering SmartHistory at Kahn Academy  http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/ was so mesmerizing for me.   SmartHistory is basically a multimedia alternative to Art History textbooks and is very engaging.  I can imagine Art and World History teachers using this site to engage students.


Viewers can sort by Time, Artist, Style and Theme. The project is licensed under OER (Open Education Resources) and Creative Commons, meaning students can reuse the work they find here in their own work following these conditions.

Hope you like it.

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